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bringing ideas, dreams and stories to life

YES! When we decide it's time for a new chapter and dare to jump

Opening, closing, switching, expanding... For me, that's the full human experience. And I love it when others invite me to play a tiny role by in making these transitions just a bit more beautiful, fun or loving.

So far, I have created

• Illustrations & custom artworks (birth cards, murals, ...)

• Graphic designs (PhD thesis covers, logos, layouts, ...)

• Photography (mainly situational portraits)

(I'll make sure to upload some examples... eventually... when I also set up a proper website, hihi...)

Who is driving this?


Hi! My name is Enja.

Dorit Enja Jung in full. That's also where the *dej* comes from in dejsign.

I have always been drawing, writing, building, creating. I also always enjoyed growing, being curious, and getting excited.

Only recently - with the pandemic and all - I took the leap and turned my passion into something I also share with others.

Curious & want to get in touch?

Send me an email.

💬 Ik spreek ook Nederlands! Ich spreche auch Deutsch! Je parle Français aussi!

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